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God  Ordains Marriages 

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A Box of Love

This box of love, inspired by God, is a tangible way of expressing love through encouraging words and gifts.

This box is perfect for uplifting a friend or loved one. This gift will speak volumes of your and God's love for them.
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Each box includes these items (specific types are subject to change):
Sweets, hot beverage packet, greeting card, small canvas zipper bag, lavender, scripture cards, affirmation cards, a puzzle, coloring pages, colored pencils, journal, pen, decorated bookmark, magnetic bookmarks, decorated box

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God Ordains Marriages

This insightful and Spiritled book about the sanctity of one's vows to God and their spouse is as pertinent today as when God established it. The pitfalls and emotional and physical dangers that can be avoided when couples approach or reapproach marriage with the type of knowledge and wisdom shared in this book makes it invaluable to each person desiring to be married or is in need of reinforcements within their marriage.

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