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In modern times, the phrase "till death do us part" transcends its religious origins and is now often included in wedding vows as a customary expression of commitment and endurance in marriages. Many couples, regardless of their religious beliefs or practices, choose to include this phrase in their wedding ceremonies as a symbol of their intent to maintain a lifelong commitment to one another.


The inclusion of this phrase can also serve as a reminder of the seriousness, and depth, of the commitment being made; even when divorce is legally recognized as an option.


It is also important to note that though the inclusion of the phrase "till death do us part" in wedding ceremonies does not necessarily reflect a strict adherence to the religious beliefs or doctrines associated with it, it does, however, represent a deeper commitment/dedication to the lifelong union between two individuals. The biblical principle of "until death do us part" emphasizes the solemnity and permanence of the marital bond.


Couples may express their intention to remain faithful and committed to one another throughout their lives, regardless of the challenges and obstacles they may face. The phrase signifies a promise to uphold the marriage covenant until death separates them. It reflects the understanding that marriage is a sacred and enduring bond that requires love, sacrifice, and ongoing dedication.


This book guides couples in their keeping of those sacred vows through enlightened direction stemming from years of marriage conferences - filled and led with God’s wisdom.

The reader will receive counsel in everything from recognizing who they are and what they will be bringing to the union; building a marriage after the ceremony; the significance of communication; and the sacrifices needed to be made in order to maintain and grow a healthy marital relationship.


God Ordains Marriages

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