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Ready to start your journey?
It's as easy as having a conversation.

Looking forward to our conversation

The Process


One on One
Consulting Sessions

So you have a story you believe is worth reading

but you have neither the time nor the know-how to start your book,

let alone finish one.

That is where we come in.

Starting is as easy as having a conversation.


Outlines and Execution 

This process will grow from choosing a subject matter and creating an outline to developing full chapters shaped with your voice, your words, and your story.

Our sessions via, telephone or video will give your book the body that it needs to separate it from the rest.


Getting to "The End"

Whether your book is nonfiction or fiction, how-to or dramatic suspense, it will come to its natural conclusion with the elements that will draw readers in and keep them reading until the last word. 

You will have the satisfaction of seeing your story's final page.

Wordsmith Services

If it was easy to go from idea to fruition we wouldn't need professionals.

That doesn't mean that the process can't be simple.


You may have the desire to see your story, your thoughts, or your experiences in a book but first, they have to get out of your head. 

This is where the conversation begins.

In either our first or

second session we will create the foundation for your book, aka outline, to help chart out your storyline, or book's main theme and subcategories.

Your first chapter will be derived from our first few sessions. It will be an organized transcription from our conversation with your mannerisms and style. You will be able to review it to make sure what you wish to express is clear.

At the end of this process, it is our job to hand you an edited first draft manuscript that you can send to your publisher.

Our first session will help you decide, if you already haven't, what subject matter you would like to choose for your book. 

If you already know, we will discuss what that means to you and your vision.

There are many different ways to tell a story or convey information.

Your voice and style will shape the story or concept for the reader, allowing them to relate to what you are sharing.

Let's find your voice.


Depending on what you choose at the time of your initial consultation we will either have monthly sessions, or you can record your thoughts and send them to me at your leisure.

You will continue to receive finished chapters for you to review.

One goal for your manuscript is to get to know the main character(s) of the story, even if one of them is you.

Publishing and Marketing


Publishing and Marketing

Publishing can look a bit daunting if you are just getting started or have medium experience. There are steps to take to ensure that your thoughts are expressed as you envisioned and that your overall book (product) is marketable unless you are only writing for a small core group of people, which is perfectly fine if that is your intent.

Once your rough draft has gone through the editing process it is then formatted for ebook and print. We will create a cover that represents your story and catches the reader's eye then prepare your book to be copyrighted. It will receive an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and be uploaded to various online stores.

In the past marketing was one of the big gaps between what traditional publishers could provide and those that self-publish struggle with. With the age of social media, free marketing, paid marketing and ad services such as Amazon and Facebook the playing field for exposure is much more level. We offer both light and detailed marketing strategies depending on your genre and desired outcome.

Ready to start your journey?

I'm looking forward to our conversation

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