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The Hills We Climb, Love It, Hate It, Embrace It... Life's Journey


Be inspired by this story and the tenacity of the author who wouldn't take no as a final answer but another opportunity to succeed.


Be Inspired, Motivated and Encouraged by this memoir!

The Hills We Climb, Love it, Hate it, Embrace it... Life's Journey


When you see someone standing on top of a hill or mountain, proud, euphoric and full of energy, you rarely consider all of the times they may have considered stopping, how they had to talk themselves into taking one more step or having to dig deeper than they even knew they went to find the answer to why they chose to scale the mountain in the first place. Yet without those moments, reaching the top of the hill wouldn’t mean as much.

Kenneth Pinckney, a motivational runner who has touched athletes and nonathlete hearts alike worldwide, has written an inspiring memoir sharing his life’s journey and the paramount moments that forced him to let go of weighty baggage, conquer his fears, and develop new ways to encourage himself.

Rarely do people lay their lives out in front of you in such a vulnerable and transparent way, but then how can you truly understand a victory unless you know where the battle began?

Mr. Pinckney illustrates how the hills we climb in life can be embraced and used to aid us toward conquering our struggles; rejected and walked away from for our own health, or given a special place in our heart as we head for yet another, bigger hill all in an endeavor to become boundless.

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