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Publishing can look a bit daunting if you are just getting started or have medium experience. There are steps to take to ensure that your thoughts are expressed as you envisioned and that your overall book (product) is marketable unless you are only writing for a small core group of people, which is perfectly fine if that is your intent.

If it is your wish to mass-produce and market to hundreds or thousands you must have a book that appeals to many by way of a professional-looking cover, edited material that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye when reading, and clear and concise in delivery.

You will want your book to be available in different stores and be able to obtain copies for yourself.

What We Offer

As we said on the previous page, it all starts with a conversation so we are all on the same page and starting at the same place. We begin where you are, whether it be to guide you through your writing process or take your manuscript and prepare it for publishing and mass distribution.

Once your rough draft has gone through a round of edits by our editors it is then formatted to be sold as an ebook and print. We create a cover that represents your story and catches the reader's eye. Your book goes through the copyright process and receives an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) at which time it is then uploaded to no less than eight online stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, iBooks, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca, BorrowBox, Overdrive (Libraries), Scribd, and Tolino. These companies distribute throughout the world and even place your book in brick-and-mortar bookstore catalogs. 

This is the end of the product development part of what we do. You have a book. It is available in stores but how do you get it seen?


In the past marketing was one of the big gaps between what traditional publishers could provide and self-publishing struggled with. With the age of social media, free marketing, paid marketing and ad services such as Amazon and Facebook the playing field for exposure is much more level. We offer both light and detailed marketing strategies depending on what your genre and desired outcome. We do not profess to know how much success your book will have, just that we will give it every advantage using a strategic marketing outline that begins way before your book is published. 

Your target audience plays a huge part in how your book is marketed. Different genre audiences look for different things in book covers and interior design. They are approached differently and they look for their books using different category headings and sometimes different bookstores. You want your book to get in front of as much of the right audience as possible.

This may mean building a website that allows for readers of similar books to join your newsletter. It could mean PR and media kits being distributed to media channels that promote new books. There are book promotional sites that allow for free or paid group promotions and virtual tours that target those who would be interested in your books. Ads, Amazon and Facebook, alike are great for sustaining and building readership outside of your contact list. It is all up to you.

The Book Publishing and Basic Marketing package has everything that is in the Simply Publishing package

The Book Publishing and Pro Marketing Package includes everything that is in the simply publishing and Book Publishing and Basic Marketing packages

Publishing Packages





Simply Publishing

Book Publishing
and Basic Marketing

Book Publishing
and Pro Marketing

One- hour consultation 

One-on-one ongoing support

Nonexclusive Contract

Comprehensive editing

Copy editing

Interior book design - ebook and print

Book cover design

Image Insertion- up to 10 pictures

10 free paperback copies 

Summary development assistance


Global online book distribution 

Books-In-Print Listing

Library catalog listing

Digital Advance Reader Copies

5-10 reviews

Author Website 

Christian Women Readers Email Blast

Facebook Book Club Postings

Social Media Link Creation

Social Media Management

Blog Tours

Book category and search optimization

Press Release Service

Video Book Trailers

Paid book promotion services

Amazon ad creation and maintenance

Facebook Ad creation and maintenance

5 free paperback copies 


If you wish to self-publish, the list of services above can be offered al-a-cart along with consultations. 


Services and Prices

Initial Consultation-Do we mesh?

From the Beginning

Have a general idea

All Set

Not sure where to start?

No problem

Let's talk

Minimum: 1 hour; Maximum: 3 hours in person or via video plus 10 pages including outline


You're not at square one but you are still working on your concept.

Let's talk

One to two-hour phone or video call plus 10 pages including outline if needed.


You know what story you want to tell and have the tapes to prove it.

One to two-hour phone or video call plus 10 pages 


One-on-One Sessions

One hour: $100


For books 10k to 50k words

Cost per word: $.30

For books 51k to 100k words

Cost per word: $.35


For books 20k to 75k words

Cost per word: $.25

For books 76k to 125k words

Cost per word: $.30

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